10 Bit A/D Converter (ADC) AD571

Description Of 10 Bit A / D Converter (ADC) AD571
ADC AD571 is a 10 bit Analog to Digital Conversion with a voltage reference, clock, comparator, and output registers to be in 1 chip ADC AD571. ADC AD571 requires no external components to be used in the process of converting analog data to digital with 10 bit data conversion capabilities in 40 ms. AD571 ADC operates at supply voltages up to +15 volts +5 volts, the ADC AD571 can receive input signals from 0 volts to +10 volts DC or-5Volt to +5 Volt. At the moment there is no input (Blank) and the input signal is too low then the output of the three-stage conversion process will be open and extinguished. At the time of ADC AD571 perform the data conversion process, the Data Ready pin will be logic low until the conversion process is complete and data will then be logic high and ADC AD571 ready to perform the data conversion process again.

Block Diagram Of 10 Bit A/D Converter (ADC) AD571

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Feature Of 10 Bit A/D Converter (ADC) AD571

  • Complete A/D Converter with Reference and Clock
  • Fast Successive Approximation Conversion: 40 ms max
  • No Missing Codes Over Temperature
0°C to +70°C: AD571K
–55°C to +125°C: AD571S
  • Digital Multiplexing: Three-State Outputs
  • 18-Pin Ceramic DIP
  • Low Cost Monolithic Construction

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