Digital TV Technology

Digital TV  Technology Television pictures are tingling seems will soon become just a memory for us. This was already a prediction or a dream long ago when the technology first started to switch audio and video using a digital system. In the actual application of digital TV has been there a few years ago, was marked by the change in modulation analog to digital TV system sattelite more familiar with TV satellite dishes. Digital television or digital broadcast television is the type that uses digital modulation and compression systems to broadcast video signals, audio, and data to the television.

It is the digital modulation has many advantages over analog modulation, digital signal will produce a smoother and sharper, lower noise effect, allow the process (recovery) at the receiver with error correction code (error correction code), and effects due to the movement dopler on TV that moves like a TV in the car, bus, train or mobile phone will be lower, the nature of digital signals are less efficient use of bandwidth or bandwidth. Bandwidth used for analog and digital to 1: 6 means that if the analog technology requires 8 MHz band width for a single transmission channel, in digital technology with a bandwidth equal to multiplek techniques can be used to emit as much as 6 to 8 channels transmission as well as with different programs. From this advantage does not mean it does not have teknilogi weakness, poor-quality signal at a certain limit process (recovery) can not be done so that we get the display effects such as VCD or DVD is damaged (halting).

In Germany, a project using a digital signal has started since 2003 in Berlin and 2005 in Munich. Now almost all major cities in Germany to broadcast digital TV broadcasts. In the United States, broadcast digital TV to have a mandate from Congress unutk started this project in 2009. Japan will begin mass digital TV broadcasts in 2011. In some other countries such as France and England had already started to stop the total analog TV broadcasts. What about in Indonesia? On August 13 and then did a soft launch TVRI digital TV broadcast the first time in Indonesia, it seems the era of analog TV will be completely abandoned. Digital TV uses three standard systems, the DTV (Digital Television) American standard, DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial), the European standards and ISDB-T (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting Terrestrial) standard Japanese. Indonesia seems to be using the DVB-T.

How television can receive digital broadcasts? There are two alternatives that we can take. First, the plane needed a new digital TV. The first solution is clearly beneficial for producers is clear demand for digital TV products to be booming. Second, with the old TV by adding a converter or adapter devices. It's like happening at UHF broadcast first appeared, but the old-fashioned television there that do not have the facilities channel. Are required to accept this interpretation is a set of digital converter box receives digital TV broadcasts and converts to Analog.
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