Record analog audio on a PC using the Jet Audio Player

To record an analog audio signal using the PC a lot of ways you can do. But this time I want to offer a simple trick using a simple application as well. I believe that among the readers ever tried to record the audio signal from the cassette recorder or other audio source using Jet Audio Player application or other applications. In this way the PC with the specs rendahpun can still be used.
Actually it started from the limitations of the media or teaching tool on the competence Convert Analog to Digital Audio Signal on Audio Video program expertise, so it appears the idea of ​​utilizing this method.
What is needed is an audio player, PC, Jet Audio Player application, stereo jack as a liaison between the line out the analog audio source into the rear panel line in exactly the PC sound card.
How to operate:

  • Run jet audio applications  
  • Then click the menu bar so that recording or recording the recording menu appears as below.
  • On the menu select the recording source line in if we provide the audio input on your sound card line in the PC.
  •   For the recording of data storage can be set on the target menu. We can choose the audio format, and place files on the drive or folder where are stored.
Click the start button, at the time also played an audio source that we want to record. Audio source can be from the mixer, line out audio player, key board (musical instrument) or pre amp mic.
For good results is ... Not too bad ...
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